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Recently, the Seahawks decided to replace their own veteran veteran, who had missed the key free kick, and the latter – Stephen Hauschka – went to Buffalo Bill, who recently published the decision The view Wholesale Jerseys Paypal.

“I think the direction of their choice is very interesting.” Hauschka said, “but I do not want to care too much, my job is to play play only, other things are just over the clouds.” But … … this is indeed an interesting move ”

Replace him with Blair-Walsh, who shot him in the 2016 playoff Vikings against the Hawks in a game that missed the reversal of the game’s free kick, so Minnesota cut him. Walsh had a chance to prove himself in the Hawks, in addition, leaving Walsh only need the Throne to spend $ 1.1 million, and the salary of Hoceka in 2016 was $ 2.7 million, and in 2017 he had recorded $ 2.6 million in Bill The dollar.

Of course, Hauschka’s own performance is hard to say, according to the original report, he missed the past two years 11 additional points shot last year and the Cardinals tug of war also kicked the final winning free kick. It is difficult to ensure that he will not go downhill.

“This needs to be adjusted,” said Hauschka. “Some people in the league are struggling, and I expect to be able to adjust well. Things are not the same as in the past … the 20- You need to concentrate on the kick-off, the need to keep the focus of the ball is also the biggest difference is that the number of additional points more and more difficult, so you need to be very full of the whole game, A little mistake. ” If you like nfl players, you can Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping in

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