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Barry Church has fought for seven seasons in the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo, and he knows more than most people who chose the retired quarterback. Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China.

He thought that the possibility of Romo comeback is not no.

In the interview with TMZ when the Church said that we may still have the opportunity to see Romo, “I understand him, I give 60% of this figure, he may be assured that the microphone back to the stadium, and now he was thinking that” I have Played 14 years of the ball and also injured, is the end of the. “But that kind of competitive pleasure is only American football to bring him, this feeling will not stay away, I think this feeling will let him back.

Qiuqi had enough confidence to think that his idea was right, because the 36-year-old Romo last season in the training of the state to maintain a very good. “He can control the game, though he seems to have already added the oil to prepare for a big time at CBS, but I’m still surprised.”

If you have heard how Romo is to describe his retirement, you may think he once again wearing armor back to the field. Sports Cheap Jerseys

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