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NFL consider reducing the size of the improperly celebrated player

NFL consider reducing the harsh standards of their own, this time they think: if these players in the game to make some inappropriate celebration action, the Union whether to implement the previous standard of punishment. Although this is not the official idea, nor is the comments made by the players, but there are already some people closely related to the NFL NFL for the players to celebrate the regulations have questioned, they are the NFL law enforcement referees. As the Executive Chairman of the NFL Referee Association, Scott – Green recently expressed his views on this matter.

“When a player completed a wonderful 80 yards touchdowns, he should have been celebrated to express their own happy, and we have to think about his celebration is not reasonable, no other things worse than this “We do not really like this,” said Scott Green, “and if we only do so by the Union to penalize the players who violate the regulations because of the celebration, and we do not use our referees in the field to decide whether they are good or bad. Happy, it ‘s about fouls, and we hope it will be closer to the other side.

Many players last season because of the touchdowns after the celebration was fined foul, and some even after the game was also added a fine, like Pittsburgh Steelers outside took over Antonio – Brown was fined countless times, this harsh Of the requirements, greatly reducing the game some ornamental, the players are not willing to do some creative action, and the game’s interest is therefore reduced a lot.

Although the NFL seems to have intensified the idea, they want to let the referee in the field to deal with, which is the idea of ​​Scott – Green is contrary to the idea.

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