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J.J. Watt said T.J. Wattby had a good performance at himself

J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) slightly larger late, but outstanding performance. However, he thinks his little brother is doing better.

The Texas defender said that T.J. Watt was much better off than he had been in the league, and the Wisconsin lineback was looking forward to it.

“He’s like me, but it’s much better than I did.” JJ said, “I have a lot more growth potential than I am the same age, and I think he’s a very special player, Watching him grow is also quite interesting.

“He is very eager to knowledge, make every effort to learn, so that they grow into better people, better players, so he always asked questions, he wanted to compete.

The Cardinals said the coach will give rookie quarterback unique experience

Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) is already high, the Cardinals this year did not hide the interest in rookie quarterback. They have done with several outstanding quarterback.

This week’s press conference, general manager Steve Keim (Steve Keim) said he would continue his job, and strive to find an offensive group to drive the quarterback, both of this year’s quarterback Quality greatly appreciated.

Ariane also said that since the Palmer season may rest on Wednesday, rookie quarterback as a substitute at the same time, there may be training into a while when the opportunity.

“If our luck is really good enough to get a quarterback, he will get a very special treatment.” Arian said, “he has the opportunity to enter the team on Wednesday offensive team training. This is not an ordinary rookie Some treatment. ”

And Kem added that the team will not force the quarterback, but the possibility is still great.

J.J.Watt has harvested three annual defensive player trophies, enough for their own pride. But T.J.’s resume is not true, has visited the cowboy, wild horses and red skin, is expected to be with 49 people, dolphins and saints have personal training.

Last season in Wisconsin made 11.5 times sack, the measured performance of the excellent T.J. is likely to reach the first round.

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