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Unlike the Actual Cleveland Browns, This Brutally Honest Browns Jersey Is a Winner

It’s a weird time to be a Cleveland sports fan. In the past six months, they’ve experienced both the highest of highs, overcoming a 3-1 deficit to win an NBA title, to the lowest of lows, blowing a 3-1 lead to lose a World Series title. In all this excitement, it’s easy to forget altogether about the lowly Browns, who are working hard on submitting what will almost certainly be only the second 0-16 season in NFL history. Sure, Terrelle Pryor Sr.’s run-pass-catch act might have been a fun novelty act for your fantasy team, but other than that, the Browns have spent most this entirely forgettable 2016 campaign getting spiritually stuffed into lockers.

One delightfully clever Browns fan, though, has decided that if his hometown team is going to suck so profoundly, he will at least have some fun with puns in the process. Witness this custom jersey—it’s alnost certainly homemade, which makes it even more charming—recently spotted in the wild:

Do you get it?

Say the name first, then the number. I’ll wait.

“Owen,” you know, as in oh-and…[Starts giggling all over again]

As a rule of thumb, customized jerseys are not a great idea. (In fact, it’s very much up for debate whether any adult should be spending hundreds of dollars to wear a replica version of what is essentially an oversized work uniform, particularly where a simple t-shirt will suffice.) Personalized jerseys are especially tough, though, because they usually only serve to confuse fellow fans who are stuck racking their brains to identify an unfamiliar name-and-number combination. Somehow, we suspect that Browns fans won’t have much of a problem with this one.

Ranking the 11 worst throwback jerseys ever

Ranking the worst throwback jerseys of all time

Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was suspended five games by the Chicago White Sox for cutting up all of his teams 1976 throwback uniforms on July 23. Sale, however, should feel fortunate to not wear some of the other hideous uniforms in sports’ history. Here’s a look at the 11 worst throwback jerseys of all time.

#11 – Vancouver Millionaires (1914)

The Vancouver Canucks wore these maroon jerseys in the 2014 Heritage Classic against the Ottawa Senators on March 2, 2014. The jersey doesn’t look like an abomination on first glance, but then one’s eyes naturally reach the logo. What happened there? They tried to stuff “Vancouver” into the “V” and it didn’t work. Even if you glance back and forth at the logo multiple times, it isn’t always clear that the letters spell out Vancouver.

#10 – Chicago White Sox (1976)

OK, maybe Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale did have a point when he cut up these jerseys. The throwback uniform looks more like a polo shirt than an actual jersey. Sale is lucky he didn’t play for the White Sox in 1976, though, as they had to wear weird blue shorts with the jersey.

The White Sox wore these as throwbacks on August 27, 2015, but they opted to not wear the shorts.

#9 – Memphis Grizzlies (1973)

The Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers both wore ABA throwback jerseys on January 26, 2012, but the Grizzlies had to wear these ugly jerseys. The Memphis Tams, who have no connection to the Grizzlies except for location, sported ugly yellow and green jerseys from 1972-74 in the ABA. The Grizzlies should have just kept these jerseys out of public sight and them die a peaceful death.

#8 – Philadelphia Eagles (1934)

Are those UCLA or Philadelphia Eagles uniforms? It was hard to tell when the Eagles brought this uniform back for the organization’s 75th anniversary in 2007. The Eagles abandoned their blue and yellow uniforms after the 1940 season and, fortunately for Eagles’ fans, they adopted a green and white color scheme in 1943.

#7 – Montreal Canadiens (1912)

The Montreal Canadiens brought back their 1912-13 jerseys in 2009 for the franchise’s 100th anniversary. The idea was nice, but the uniforms just don’t look good. This design was dubbed the “barber pole” jersey for the consecutive red, white and blue stripes. The jerseys feature a maple leaf in the middle, but it looks like something you are supposed to stare at in an optical illusion, rather than a logo.

#6 – Chicago Bears (1925)

The Chicago Bears wore these uniforms in 1994 to commemorate the NFL’s 75th season. The Bears’ official website states that these jerseys were based on a pattern from the 1925-26 season, and it’s a good thing the Bears never went back to these uniforms after the 1994 season. The stripes don’t make sense. The Bears hadn’t had yellow in their color scheme since the 1920’s, and it should never appear in their color scheme again.

#5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1977)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ bright-orange retro uniform, aptly named the “creamsicle” jersey, is among the most infamous jerseys in sports history. The Buccaneers sported “Bucco Bruce”, a winking pirate, on their helmets as well. Somehow, the Buccaneers wore the creamsicle jersey for two decades, and it didn’t help that the Buccaneers had a 94-223-1 record in that time.

Fortunately, the Buccaneers changed their color scheme for the 1997 season. It didn’t stop them from wearing the creamsicle jersey as throwbacks on October 21, 2012, though.

#4 – Green Bay Packers (1929)

The Green Bay Packers first reintroduced their 1929 jerseys against the San Francisco 49ers in 2010. The whole uniform doesn’t make sense. The jersey is blue, the number circle is yellow, the pants are light brown and the helmet is dark brown. Nothing matches. The Packers ditched the brown helmet for an alternative version of the throwback in 2015.

#3 – San Diego Padres (1978)

There’s no logic that supports the design of these jerseys. The San Diego Padres wore these road uniforms in 1978 and brought them back on August 12, 2010. Brown and yellow should never be in the same color scheme. Never. These uniforms looked even worse in 1978 when the Padres wore yellow pants, but at least they chose to wear white pants in 2010.

#2 – Pittsburgh Steelers (1934)

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose to use their 1934 jersey as a throwback jersey in 2012 to celebrate the franchise’s 80th anniversary. There is nothing salvageable about these jerseys. The thick, yellow and black stripes are hideous, and the enourmous number boxes don’t help. These jerseys look like prison clothing and not a NFL jersey.

#1 – Denver Broncos (1960)

It’s a good thing that the Denver Broncos brought back their AFL jerseys for only one game in 2009. There were no names on the backs of these jerseys when the Broncos first wore them in 1960. The uniform is made even worse with ridiculous yellow socks with vertical brown stripes. Again, one should never combine yellow and brown in a color scheme.