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Drew – Brisbane analyzes the addition of Peterson

New Orleans saints on the list of players now more than a future Hall of Fame player, Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will join the Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) offensive group and Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram) became an important support for the backcourt of the saints.

I believe that the occupation of the professional bowl runners can help Brisbane to share the pressure of passing the attack, Brisbane himself also expressed excitement, “I think these two men are with the feelings of the ball, which is why we need them The reason that a team in this era is hard to rely on a runway to support the entire season, you need two back – up, they need to alternate with each other.Now we have such an alternating combination, believe they will be the best in the future league.

Last season, the two running back to the opposite, Petersen injured only completed three games, and Ingram is ushered in a career high of 205 times the ball finished 1043 yards red ball.

Is still worth looking forward to who will bring the team a greater surprise, but I believe they can be a fair distribution of the ball. Brisbane himself can not wait to see the performance of two teammates, “listening, you are talking about one of the greatest running back, I think he still has a lot of energy, he must be very excited about this opportunity , So we got a longing for victory, he would compete better with Ingram, and Ingram is one of the best runners I think is now the league.

There are executives that Joe – Mickelson is the best rookie

In the minds of most of the personnel executives, the Texas farmer rush handlers Myers – Garrett are the best choice for this year’s champion. But one of the executives thought that the best player in the draft was Joe Mixon, the Oklahoma University runner, who might not even be in the first round.

“We carefully considered the schedule,” North explained. “We thought, ‘if tomorrow we wake up and see someone’s tweets found that Romo is the Texas quarterback’ then how will we change the schedule? ‘”

He continued: “For example, the Texas people challenge the Patriots game is now CBS 1 pm game, may be in 25% of the country’s broadcast.If this is Roma against Brady, I am not sure should Only 25% of people see the game … God, if the Texas people to sign Roma early this game may have been able to become an opener.

As a result of the negative news of beating women in 2014, Mickson may have to wait until the next day was selected. But the reporter asked the 16 personnel executives, who is their best player in mind, one of them out of the name of Mickson.

11 people chose Garrett, the two chose LSU security guard Jam – Adams (Jamal Adams), each one selected Alabama University line Reeven – Foster (Reuben Foster), Stanford defensive front line Solomon – Solomon Thomas and Mickson.

Brady wrote in his account: “Just how you came, good luck tonight, we will support you.

Romo chose to retire from becoming a comment that could also let the Texas people lose the chance to appear in the new season opener. Now the 2017 season opener will be played by the New England Patriots against Kansas City Chiefs.

We all know that Brady is good at the Jedi fight back, because the Patriots is in the 51st Super Bowl 3 to 28 behind the case eventually won the Super Bowl, especially in the Patriots won the Super Bowl after Brady wrote a message to Thomas ” The next time it ‘s your turn.

This game before the Celtics suffered 0 wins and 2 losses of the situation, the game after the Celtics pulled back a city.

Lang’s case is a recent case, maybe it’s about business itself. But Thompson now needs to focus on the draft, because it will affect the team’s next season.

Foster bad body test camp performance and drug test results may also let him out of the first round. So the team can be waiting for the team after the two fall to pick up a treasure.

Meikesong hired 753 yards in 2015, made seven touchdowns, 28 catch the ball to obtain 356 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Von Miller, Aldon Smith exchange jerseys after game

Two NFL players channeled their inner fĂștboleros after Thursday night’s preseason opener in San Francisco.

Pass-rushing studs Von Miller and Aldon Smith met at midfield following the Denver Broncos’ 10-6 win to exchange jerseys.

“It was his idea,” Smith, the 49ers’ sack leader last season, told the team’s official website. “We talked about it before.”

The friends could be battling for the newly named Deacon Jones Award given to the NFL’s annual sack leader, if Miller wins his appeal of a four-game suspension. NFL officials reportedly are scheduled to meet with representatives of the Broncos’ pass rusher on Aug. 15.

The friendliness between players on two Super Bowl XLVIII favorites is great to see in the preseason opener. It’d be incredible if a jersey swap happened after the two met in the Meadowlands for the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, if only we could get Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers to swap jerseys after the Minnesota Vikings play the Green Bay Packers in Week 8.

Seeing green: Rodgers, Matthews have top-selling jerseys

They say nothing succeeds like success, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the sale of NFL merchandise, as two Green Bay Packers enjoy the distinction of having the league’s top-selling jerseys.

According to the NFL, from April 1 to July 31, Packers quarterback Rodgers, the MVP of Super Bowl XLV, and his teammate, linebacker Clay Matthews, held the top two spots in jersey sales for the league. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, whose team lost February’s Super Bowl to Green Bay, was No. 3.

Last year at this time, the top-selling jersey belonged to Denver Broncos backup quarterback Tim Tebow, who was preparing to enter the league as a rookie. Tebow fell to No. 8 in the latest numbers.

See every NFL jersey Jim Harbaugh wore during camp tour

Julio Jones was firmly in the college football limelight during the month of June with his controversial satellite-camp tour. He managed to draw even more attention to himself with his attire — specifically, his large collection of sports jerseys.

It’s true, he is a big fan of player jerseys. With his camp tour complete, who had sparred with Harbaugh in the days leading up to the visit.

Alex Smith

It came as no surprise that Harbaugh pulled on Kaepernick’s No. 7 49ers jersey at a camp in California. After all, the two helped one another to Super Bowl XLVII.

Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh’s visit to the University of South Alabama seemed to be a troll attempt directed at Alabama coach Nick Saban, here’s a look at the NFL threads he sported as he made his way around the country. Harbaugh sported the Falcons jersey for Jones, who played for Saban at Alabama. Harbaugh said he was just paying his respects to a player the 49ers wanted to draft when he was their head coach.

J.J. Watt

Don’t know if you know this, the Falcons swooped into the spot ahead of the 49ers and took Julio Jones in the 2011 NFL Draft. The 49ers drafted Aldon Smith, and Watt was selected four spots later by the Houston Texans.

Denard Robinson

At a camp in Kansas City, Harbaugh paid homage to his former quarterback, who is now a member of the Chiefs. In Harbaugh’s first season as 49ers coach in 2011, Smith helped lead the team to its first winning season, NFC West title and playoff win since the 2002 season.
Archie Manning

Although his NFL career is just getting started, featured a sweet Archie Manning New Orleans Saints throwback. Manning was a standout quarterback at Ole Miss before going on to play for the Saints.

Ray Lewis

While in Baltimore, Harbaugh pulled off a two-jersey day. First, he started the with the jersey of Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken.

Then, Harbaugh changed and went with the Baltimore Ravens’ 13-time Pro Bowl linebacker.

Of course, but Jim Harbaugh’s brother is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t know if you know this, either, but Jim and John coached against each other in a Super Bowl.

Junior Seau

Harbaugh and the late Seau were San Diego Chargers teammates toward the end of Harbaugh’s career. Following Seau’s death in 2012, Harbaugh said he felt moved to ask Seau to trade jerseys after Harbaugh’s last career game.

Marcus Mariota

Harbaugh’s visit to Pearl, Miss, Mariota’s stellar college career at Oregon was enough to make him a celebrity in his hometown of Honolulu. Perhaps the jersey choice will help him out in recruiting.Thomas emerged as a regular starter for the Dolphins for the first time in his career last season.

Delanie Walker

At a camp in Tennessee, Harbaugh sported the jersey of the former San Francisco 49ers and current Titans tight end. Walker once called Harbaugh “crazy” for dressing up in full pads for a practice with the 49ers.

Colin Kaepernick

When the Wolverines’ satellite camp tour made its way to Jacksonville, Fla., Harbaugh donned the jersey of one of four Jacksonville Jaguars from UM. Jaguars running back Denard Robinson, who was a quarterback at UM, amassed more than 10,000 yards of total offense there from 2008-2010.

Mario Manningham

In 2007, when Harbaugh was in his first year at Stanford, Manningham was in his last at Michigan — and lit up the Big Ten with 1,174 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. Manningham spent his last two pro seasons playing for Harbaugh in San Francisco.

Michael Thomas

Harbaugh coached Thomas for three seasons at Stanford, from 2009-2012, before taking the San Francisco 49ers job.

Arizona Wildcats won’t sell Ka’Deem Carey jerseys

Arizona running back Ka’Deem Carey is many things entering the 2013 season: the nation’s leading rusher, a first-team All-Pac-12 honoree and consensus All-American, one of the favorites to win the Doak Walker Award, a viable NFL Draft prospect and in striking distance of several Arizona career records.

Carey will not, however, be the face of the Wildcats in one significant respect, as the school has decided against selling his No. 25 jersey this season. Instead, coaches and athletic department officials made the decision to highlight the No. 33 worn by senior linebacker Jake Fischer, the Arizona Daily Wildcat reported.

It shouldn’t be a surprise considering Carey was involved in two headline-grabbing incidents in the offseason. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct last December, though the city of Tucson decided last month not to prosecute. Carey was also ejected from a Wildcats basketball game in January after getting into a verbal altercation with campus police.

It does serve as just another reminder of the lasting impact off-field conduct can have, even trickling down to what fans in the stands will wear.

Steve Longa expresses Rutgers and Jersey pride at NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS — Asked what separates him from other NFL hopefuls in this draft class, former Rutgers linebacker Steve Longa first cited his mental toughness.

Although Longa lived in Cameroon until he was 12, he attributed much of his toughness to growing up in New Jersey and playing football at Rutgers.

“There’s something about being a Jersey guy that makes you tough,” the Saddle Brook product said on Saturday at a press conference during the NFL Scouting Combine. “Then, going to Rutgers, there’s just a tradition over there. Only tough people make it out of there. We might not be the most talented guys going into college, we might not be the guys that got recruited from the big-time schools, but there’s something about Rutgers guys. When they make it to the league, they stay.”

Longa, who recorded 100-plus tackles in each of his three seasons at Rutgers, said he has had a formal meeting with the Minnesota Vikings and informal meetings with 28 other NFL teams this week. The only teams that Longa hasn’t met with are the Giants, Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots.

It’s interesting that Longa hasn’t met with the Patriots considering the team currently has five Rutgers alums on its roster.

“There’s a reason why they draft Rutgers guys,” Longa said. “There’s a reason why Logan Ryan is playing there, there’s a reason why Duron (Harmon) is there, there’s a reason why Devin (McCourty) is there – because they’re smart and they love football and they play hard. That came from where? Rutgers.”

Including the five former Scarlet Knights with the Patriots, 20 Rutgers alums finished the season on active NFL rosters. Longa already feels welcomed into that fraternity.

“I met Devin about two years ago and he knew my name. He knew a whole about me and I was very surprised,” Longa said. “I was like, ‘You know about me? I look up to you, I know everything about you and you know about me? I feel special.’ It’s just a family, man. Even though you think somebody might not know who you are when they came out of Rutgers or they’re in the league and you just got there, they know you.”